Ladies, if you're getting more come hither glances than usual when you leave the house wearing red, it's not (just) because you look amazing in that shirt. It's because all of the men you're encountering think you might want to sleep with them. It's true. Science says so.

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, men perceive women wearing red as being “more interested in sex.”

It doesn't matter if the lady is dressed in a Jessica Rabbit-style, cleavage-baring ultra-gown or a questionable-smelling ratty old Coca-Cola T-shirt that she pulled from the top of the dirty laundry pile. The study maintains that men assume women donning red are more into sex than their non-red wearing counterparts, no matter the article of red clothing she has on.

Whether a woman is trying to be intentionally sexy or not, red, it seems, always makes men think of sex.

This not groundbreaking but still interesting study was conducted by a team of researchers based at the University of Rochester. These scientists showed men photos of a single woman wearing a T-shirt that was doctored to look either red or white. After viewing the photo, male participants were asked to gauge, on a scale of 1 to 9, whether the woman was “interested in sex.” Women sporting the red T-shirt averaged 1.5 points higher on this scale.

Researchers concluded that men may associate red with fertility, (and thus, with boning), through evolutionary conditioning, and that men perceive women in red as sexually receptive and perceive sexually receptivity as attractive, thus, “perceived sexual receptivity is responsible for the red-attraction link.”

Long story short, men believe that wearing women wearing red are DTF, and they like that. Ladies, consider this when choosing what to wear while running to the grocery store to buy tampons.

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