A recent study, released just in time for the 40th anniversary of the famous female body empowerment book “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” shows that male physicians and plastic surgeons are more inclined to recommend surgery to alter the physical appearance of an otherwise healthy vulva.

Published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the study was conducted in the Netherlands with a set of 210 doctors who were shown photos four healthy vulvas, two pre-labiaplasty and two post, following about six months of healing.

These vulvas belonged to two women, one age 35 and the other 40, who underwent cosmetic surgery to shrink the size of their labia minora (aka inner pussy lips) which they felt extended abnormally beyond their labia majora (aka outer pussy lips).

164 of these 210 doctors completed this survey, and most (90 percent) agreed that the smaller labia minora were closer to society's ideal. That makes sense; ask any of your male cronies what kind of vag they like to find under their dates' panties and many will confirm they're not into “big beef curtains” or “inside-out vaginas.”

(We didn't make those up.)

As you can see below, there's a distinct difference between the “before” and “after” photos used in the study:

Of the gynos and MDs in the group, most rated all four vulvas to be “natural.” However, surveyors found that the participating plastic surgeons were more likely to rate the post-op small-lipped vulvas as “natural” (though technically with the surgery they are anything but natural) and went so far as to label the pre-op large-lipped vulvas “distasteful” or “unnatural.”

As a result those two pre-op vulvas were considered candidates for labia minora reduction surgery, a procedure that's grown in popularity exponentially in the U.S. during the last decade. This reconstruction is done purely for aesthetic purposes – the candidates' main concern is their vulvas' appearance with no physical discomfort or dysfunction reported.

And interestingly enough, the dudes were even more quick to sign the referral forms:

“Male physicians were more inclined to opt for a surgical reduction procedure than their female colleagues (P < 0.01)."


Whether you're in the Netherlands or the U S of A, pressure to conform to common appearance, demeanor and lifestyle is heavy. That's not news. But what may not occur to those women who feel their nether regions look funny is that often these flaps, folds and floppy bits serve an important purpose.

They help you fuck and orgasm while doing it!

The inner lips are extensions of your clitoral hoods, which is the fold of skin that hugs and cradles the clitoris. When the hood moves, whether from penile penetration or that of some other object, it massages the clit and often results in orgasm.

Though studies have shown a correlation between the distance between the clit and vaginal opening and the ability to orgasm during intercourse, having more skin to move while the penis slides in and out only increases the chances of that orgasm going down.

Learn more about the above study by reading this more in-depth article.

There of course are many cases in which women find their inner lips to be so long that they get in the way of intercourse, get caught and cause general discomfort during penile (or dildo) insertion. That's a different issue in which labia minora reduction surgery can make sense.

But for those women who don't have any problems with the way their pussy lips feel during sex and are merely concerned with appearance, remember this:

Every vagina is different. Literally, like a snowflake. We've seen a lot of vag and none have looked the same. So there's little to no point watching porn, checking out nudie photos, and scouring medical health encyclopedias online to compare yours to what's pictured.

Your vagina brings you pleasure, comfort and joy, and the “miracle” of procreation and childbirth (if that's your thing). It's a beautiful piece of machinery and human art that should never be criticized.

That negativity breeds low self esteem and poor self worth, and if anyone gives you reason to question your lady parts, politely excuse yourself and slash their tires.

Then go masturbate. Because you can, it feels amazing, and you can't do it without your trusty vulva. Floppy lips and all.

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