In a time when technology is king, people can't live without the Internet. That being said, a recent study conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, a global management consulting firm, surveyed 1,000 people in several different countries to evaluate just how connected people are to the world wide web.

The results show how some people can't get enough of the web. 21 percent of Americans respondents said they'd be willing to not have sex for an entire year in order to stay online. Sadly, that's only Americans. Fifty-six percent (!!!) of Japanese respondents said they'd do the same.

Fortunately for those of us on the constant search for page views, the study found that Americans would rather ditch alcohol (77 percent) or kick their coffee habits (63 percent) than take a vow of celibacy from the Internet.

Believe it or not, 21 percent said they'd go an entire year without sex in order to stay online. Fifty-six percent (!!!) of Japanese respondents said they'd do the same.

The final report, authored by BCG partner Dominic Field, detailed that Americans most value the Internet's ability to offer general search capabilities, email, and access to financial and banking information — revealing just how dependent on it we are.

Field estimates that by 2016 there will be about 3 billion global Internet users around the world — double what it is today, and about half of the world's population.

That's a lot of people plugged in. Let's hope they aren't all celibate.

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