Stubborn Success: The Story of Tarek Ghadban

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Every day, LA creates a new story of a creative, an artist, a filmmaker, or some unpredictable new soul. Right now, actor Tarek Ghadban is working on his own story, that of the life of an actor born, raised, and trained in Lebanon. He’s already done work in commercials and TV shows in the Arab world and brought his skills and passion to LA to see how far they can reach.

A Passion From Youth

Tarek tells the story of his first role when he was 13 years old in Lebanon when his school put on “Notre Domme De Paris.” He was too shy to land any role at auditions, but he went to all the rehearsals anyway, “No matter when, no matter how long, I was the first one in and the last one out.” He did this for weeks until one of the main actors unexpectedly quit, and the director turned to him. “I never lost hope and I got the main role.”

This is how Tarek continues to build his career, even now that he’s moved to LA. “After hundreds of auditions, you ask yourself, why am I doing this? What’s all this for?” He knows, however, that he’s “getting closer and closer to my dream with every audition I get and every character I play.”

It’s always served him well, and he knows his path. “My road to the Oscars is not very far away,” he says. “Mark my words.”

An On-Set Asset

Tarek has a leg up in the LA acting scene, as he’s brought experience and professionalism with him. That same school where his stubbornness won him his first acting role is also where he has taught acting. More importantly, he’s on Netflix, where he helped make the show “Al Hayba,” a big hit throughout the Arab world. He also filmed all the episodes of “تحدي النفود“ in Saudi Arabia. He knows what to do once the scripts are down and the cameras roll.

“I will work day and night, go the extra mile, do every research in order to bring the character to its full potential,” he says. Tarek is a fan of the John Templeton quote, It is nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Tarek knows that it takes humility to succeed on set and requires many other qualities he’s been carefully working on: “My unwavering commitment and dedication to the craft. Professionalism on and off set. I thrive in challenging and dynamic environments. I bring fresh and innovative perspectives to each role.”

It Comes From a Love of Acting

“I don’t think I can ever put in words how I feel about acting and the entertainment industry. All I know is that I belong in front of the camera,” says Tarek. “The feeling I get every time I take on a new character to bring to life is just beautiful.”

Tarek Ghadban’s story is one about dedication to a beloved dream. It’s about the unwavering pursuit of that dream and the careful, patient nurturing of the skills and professionalism it takes to make it a reality.

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