Ben Azimi, owner of the Market on Spring, knew his customers were looking for something different for dinner, so he decided to set up a barbecue outside his tiny store most Tuesday through Sunday evenings, where he grills “Persian-style” kabobs to order.

For around five bucks, patrons can order a generously-sized kabob of beef, chicken, salmon or shrimp, cooked to order (a word to the wise: they often run out of salmon and shrimp by 9:30). The kabob is accompanied by pita bread, tomato & cucumber salad, and tzatziki.

Some of the regulars say it's Azimi's marinade that keeps them coming back often, some say it's the “can't beat it” deal and friendly service. Others don't say much at all– they're already too busy eating.

The kabobs are available Tuesday through Sunday, from roughly 7:30 PM to midnight.

Market on Spring, 615 S Spring St, L.A., (213) 627-6337‎

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