Who: Brothers Bobby (above, center) and Adam Alt (right) and pal Frank Zummo.

Where: Bar Sinister at Boardner’s, 1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood.

When: Sat., Sept. 30, 11 p.m.

What: “A punk-rock Stomp” is what Warped Tour’s Kevin Lyman anointed the percussion group when they played his traveling shriek fest in 2005. The show is part tribal freak-out and part rock-jam spectacle: chants and rants over unconventional instruments, including trash cans, buckets, fire extinguishers, barrels and wheel rims.

Bangin’ Beginnings: Born out of Bobby and Adam’s drum troupe, Experiment (which performed mainly at elementary schools), the group really took off after they hooked up with Zummo in 2004. All three were looking for a break from their roles as traditional-kit drummers in local bands — Bobby was on hiatus from STUN and playing with Faculty X; Adam had pounded with Circus Minor, and Zummo with the Start. Their first gig was at Magic Mountain, where they’ll appear again this year during the theme park’s Halloween “Fright Fest.”

Skin Deep: From their seemingly improvised live theatrics to the selections with actual singing on their new CD/DVD (produced by House of Pain’s DJ Lethal and released by Warped creator Lyman’s Warcon Enterprises), SDC have evolved into a bona fide performing unit, opening for everyone from 30 Seconds to Mars to the Deftones. They just got off Matisyahu’s U.S. tour.

Beat Their Guest: The Used’s Bert McKracken has been known to join the raucous clankin’, as have No Doubt’s Adrian Young, Stomp’s John Sawicki, Bad Religion’s Brooks Wackerman and even Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen/Conan O’Brien).

From Sinister . . . Bobby says playing Hollywood’s Bar Sinister offers the trio a chance to be “freer and sexier than anywhere else,” so expect the tribal tempest to be Category 5; his other current band, fresh but formidable dance rockers the Gents (featuring former STUN bassist Nick S. on vocals), are on the bill too.

. . . To Sin City: Bobby says the Street Drum show has always been an all-ages affair: “Kids in strollers love it.” So the guys are planning to impress la famiglia in Vegas with a full-scale stage production featuring Sawicki and complete with 3-D visuals and a futuristic/apocalyptic storyline that Bobby describes as “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure meets The Terminator.”

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