I didn't go to the Streamy Awards, but I did follow it on Twitter (I am already living in a hyper-connected future that doesn't require actually leaving my house.) Judging only by how the event was reported in 140 character bites, it seems like there were two ways to look at the gala awards for web TV: The Streamys are either a big “fuck you” to corporate media, or else they're totally propping it up.

The former argument was best expressed by sex blogger AV Flox's tweet: “It's so full of win this fuck you to Hollywood.” And then on the other end, there's The Wrap blogger Steve Pond: “The Streamy Awards are all about little indie DIY stuff, right? But the big winner, The Bannen Way, is from Sony's Crackle. Go figure.” (Other winners included the relatively star-studded Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis and Wainy Days from David Wain). Is the difference in perspective just the difference between being inside the show and watching from the press room? If you were there and have thoughts one way or the other, let us know.

Zoe Bell and Rosario Dawson at the Streamys, via their Flickr feed

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