Strawberry Alarm Clock to Wake Up Whisky: 1960s psychedelic Glendale living legends the Strawberry Alarm Clock love a show at the Whisky, and it’s always great to see them on that venue’s calendar. It recalls the glory days when the likes of the Doors were regulars. They’re on a bill with Manuel the Band, Laurel Canyon, Catatonic Suns, and $trawb3rry Money.

We spoke to George Bunnell of the band way back in 2017, and he told us that, “Nowadays when we look at each other, especially when we’re playing music, it’s a feeling of the playing that’s basically identical to what we felt when we were kids. Until you walk by a mirror and see your reflection. What? Who’s that? That’s how it is. But we have the same personalities. Our keyboard player [Mark Weitz] and one of our drummers [Randy Seol] rub each other the wrong way and always have. We get through it all the time. But that dynamic has never changed.”

“Well now, our audience seems to be mostly young,” Bunnell added. “There’s a few old hippie types that will show up. But mostly people my age don’t go out that late. On a Thursday night at the Whisky, we don’t play until 11:30-ish. Last time it was packed, and it was all young people. A couple of friends of mine showed up and they didn’t stay because they didn’t want to be out that late.”

Strawberry Alarm Clock to Wake Up Whisky: The event takes place at 6 p.m. on Friday, December 16 at the Whisky A Go Go.


































































































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