Strategy KI changes the rap game with ‘Life Of A Trapper’

Strategy KI is an emerging rapper who is taking the scene by storm with his lyrical skills on the mic as well as his audio engineering work in association with Immortal Mixed.It. 

Strategy KI’s “Life Of A Trapper” is an impressive UK rap single that showcases his lyrical skills and authenticity. With hard-hitting beats and introspective lyrics, Strategy KI delves into the highs and lows of the trapper lifestyle. The overall impact and raw energy of the single makes it a standout release in the genre of rap music.

The official music video forLife Of A Trapper is visually captivating and thematically cohesive. With intense performances and striking cinematography, it immerses viewers in the gritty trapper lifestyle. The dynamic camera work and attention to detail makes for a visually stimulating experience.

Strategy KI has previously collaborated on a single with T-Pain and now it is rumored that he also has a track pending with New York rapper Sticky Fingaz. Kirk Jones, professionally known as Sticky Fingaz, a key member of the legendary hip-hop group Onyx, has built an impressive career in both the music and film industry with his recent role as Blade: The Series.

Reuben Leighton Kennedy, better known by his stage name Strategy KI, is a rising force in the music industry. With his captivating blend of trap/UK drill beats, skilful lyricism, and introspective storytelling, Strategy KI has solidified his place as a noteworthy artist.

His authenticity and raw energy shine through his music, connecting with listeners on a profound level. As Strategy KI continues to evolve and refine his craft, he is undoubtedly an artist to watch out for in the future.

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