Storytelling with Impact: How What You Want Productions Connects, Inspires, and Provokes Thought

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Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been an essential part of the human experience – captivating hearts, inciting imaginations, and igniting change. The modern age has allowed this ancient artistry to move beyond pages and screens and seep into arenas that might not typically be associated with storytelling.

One such sphere is event production, where an event is no longer just a gathering but an artistic canvas where each detail contributes to a broader narrative. At the heart of such inventive storytelling is a dynamic brother-sister duo, Kym Wollner and Brandon Wollner, the founders of the Los Angeles-based What You Want Productions company.

Visionaries at their craft, Kym and Brandon have infused narratives with a unique, transformative energy that goes beyond conventional event planning. Their commitment to storytelling is not merely a strategy. It’s a deep-seated belief rooted in their personal experiences and passion for creating a lasting impact.

“Our philosophy is simple – we believe in the profound power of stories to connect, move, and inspire change,” Brandon says. “Each event we create is a new chapter in a unique narrative.”

Embodying this philosophy, What You Want Productions masterfully weaves storytelling into every event, transforming something fleeting into something ever-lasting.

The journey begins with getting to the heart of a client’s story. This narrative seed then blossoms into a vivid spectacle of lights, sound, and emotional resonance, presented in an immersive experience.

What You Want Productions’ narrative approach pivots around three core elements: emotion, connection, and transformation. Through their events, they aim to tap into the emotional core of each attendee, foster deep relationships, and inspire change.

“Our events are designed to stir the soul, engage the mind, and touch the heart,” Kym says. “It is this emotional resonance that lends our storytelling its transformative power.”

Take, for instance, a high-end wedding that What You Want Productions had orchestrated. The couple’s dream was hanging by a thread, threatened by disorganization and logistical nightmares caused by the initial event planner. But, where others saw chaos, Kym and Brandon stepped up to the plate, recognizing an opportunity to turn a potential disaster into a beautiful story.

“Despite the challenges, we saw the potential to turn everything around and make sure the bride and the groom had the experience they deserved,” Kym shares. “We wanted to make sure that their story got its rightful spotlight.”

Looking ahead, the firm is committed to pushing the boundaries of narrative-driven event production further. As the What You Want Production’s founders explain, their ultimate dream is to craft stories that resonate beyond the event and create ripples of inspiration long after the lights dim.

As their popularity grows, What You Want Productions exemplifies the sheer power of storytelling when integrated with skillful event production. Through their work, they prove that events can be so much more than a gathering of individuals. They can be a harmonious blend of experiences that tell a compelling story, an experience that connects people, provokes thought, and inspires change.

Without a doubt, when one combines a riveting narrative with extraordinary event production, the result is nothing short of magic. And it’s this magical blend that Kym, Brandon, and their team have mastered to perfection.

Every event is a new chapter, every production a captivating story – a testament to their belief in the power of narratives to create precious memories and leave a lasting impact.

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