Do you know where your children are? Oh, yeah — at school, like they're supposed to be, with a registered sex offender in the desk behind them breathing his creepy sex-offender breath all down their necks.

It's enough to give any right-minded parent 1,000 stress knots: 18-year-old Steven Holt just moved to Southern California from Wisconsin, and, like any normal kid, enrolled in his local high school. Problem is, he's the same alleged perv behind the sexual assaults of “multiple… female victims between the ages of 6 and 15” [KTLA].

Of the 70 sex offenders listed on Megan's Law for Yucca Valley, likewise a concerning figure for a small desert town of under 20,000…

… Holt is strangely absent. KTLA reports that the district “mailed a letter to the families of all its students on Friday explaining the situation,” but didn't include Holt's photo.

The 18-year-old started school last week under strict supervision. He takes the bus, attends classes and roams the campus among the other 9th to 12th graders. Just your typical high-school senior, right? With a sick side affinity for 6-year-olds.

One freaked-out grandma told local station KPSP: “Home school him. Put him somewhere else, not with other children that are good.” And another mom: “He's not showing remorse for the crimes committed against numerous kids. It wasn't just one victim.”

But the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department claims Holt is within his rights:

“Any person that has lawful business on school grounds or campus can be here if they are a sex offender. Steven Holt is a student here so he has lawful business here at the high school,” says Cindy Bachman with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department.

What do you think: Too weird? Or does the Wisconsin predator deserve a second chance?


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