Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris are in a dead heat in the race for attorney general, according to the latest Field Poll. Cooley leads Harris 39-38, with 23% undecided the week before Election Day.

Cooley is now trailing in L.A. County, 43-37. That's a big change from September, when he was leading 39-28.

Cooley held a 4-point lead statewide in September, 35-31.

Kamala Harris; Credit: Ted Soqui

Kamala Harris; Credit: Ted Soqui

The race might not be as close as it appears, because Cooley holds an

eight-point lead among the 21% of voters who have already voted. Harris

would have to edge Cooley by a couple of points on Election Day to

overcome his early advantage.

For the most part, it appears that groups that traditionally vote Democratic are consolidating their support for Harris, the Democratic nominee. Harris was tied with Cooley among women last month, but has now opened up an 11-point lead with female voters.

The big fear, if you are a Cooley supporter, is that he could get dragged down by Meg Whitman's lackluster performance. Whitman is trailing by 10 points in the latest Field Poll, which may mean that Republican voters don't turn out to support him.

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