His journalistic misdeeds were the subject of the 2003 movie Shattered Glass.

In the 1990s he pretty much faked us all out with made-up stories in publications including New Republic, Harper's, and Rolling Stone.

Now Stephen Glass says he's a new man. He's been working for a Beverly Hills law firm. And he wants to be a certified lawyer in the state of California. The State Bar's Committee of Bar Examiners has said no, but the California Supreme Court might have the last word starting next week:

The 39-year-old's lawyer is expected to file a brief with the court that will essentially trigger its review of the Bar's denial.

In the mid-to-late '90s he wrote 42 pieces that were partially or totally fabricated. He made stuff up about New Gingrich and a top adviser to President Clinton, Vernon Jordan, who was described in faked quotes as sexual go-getter.

His story about a teen hacker who extorted a computer company even inspired Glass to create a website for the firm in an unsuccessful attempt to cover his tracks.

He has apologized in letters and in an appearance on 60 Minutes. And the writer has been charitable with his time. Glass' attorneys say he suffered from self-hatred, according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

With each lie, Mr. Glass felt more inadequate and withdrew further from society.

After New York's Bar basically ignored his request to become a lawyer there, he moved to L.A.

So we get another douche attorney? Glass picked the right city. Of course, we wonder if he would have even gotten this far if he was black.

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