Everything's sexier in Vegas!

Even New York's world-famous Statue of Liberty, apparently. Her likeness stands over the Las Vegas strip, torch raised…

… as a beacon of hope for all the tired, poor, huddled day drinkers who must make it through to nighttime rage without passing out among stripper leaflets in the gutter.

Just call her Liberty 2.0. Or Liberty Barbie! Relieved of that awful French forehead wrinkle and fugly chin crack, the Vegas hottie recently caught the eye of U.S. Postal Service designers, who decided to go with her visage for the cover of a December postage stamp, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal:

According to Linn's Stamp News, the postal service had received the photo from Getty Images, and Getty Images had licensed the photo only as “Statue of Liberty.”

The stamp publication said the USPS has has no intention of pulling the stamp out of circulation. They are gathering historical information about the replica for their Stamp Information Booklets, which are distributed to consumers upon request.

Three billion stamps were printed.

Kind of a harsh blow for the real lady Liberty, who was the OG independent woman way before Beyonce — much less Holly Madison — jiggled onto the scene. Here she's trying to represent strength and freedom and justice for all, and what do U.S. Postal Service officials do in return? They go fawn over some 150-foot slut.

Sad day for America. Good day for MGM Resorts.

We were already confused enough about where reality ends and fantasy begins in the Fear and Loathing party capital of the universe, backdrop to all our best nightmares. That's how powerful the Vegas mentality really is: It can trick the U.S. government into falsely identifying one of their most iconic symbols, then make them think that's a good thing.

Maybe Mr. Postman had one too many douche drinks?


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