Finally, a way to mitigate the Starbucks caffeine high, or at least a chance to start fiddling with DIY energy drinks. The giant Seattle-based coffee company began selling wine and beer, as well as “more upscale food” (savory snacks! hot flatbread!) at a Seattle cafe in October, and now five stores in Seattle and one in Portland offer the drinks and larger menu items.

More importantly, of course, Reuters reports that we can expect up to a half-dozen booze-carrying Starbucks in Southern California by the end of this year. If you don't live on the West Coast, Starbucks has plans to open a handful of stores in both Chicago and Atlanta as well. So if you're a screenwriter who spends your days at your local coffeeshop, now you don't have to leave to go to the bar next door after, oh, seven hours of writing bad dialog. Just buy a CD of Tony Bennett duets and a beer and keep working. Lucky you.

LA Weekly