Oh boy, this story only gets better. Police now claim the alleged Starbucks Peeper stalked a young woman and stole her panties. Details at the bottom of the next page.

Perhaps the biggest indignity for you if you allegedly installed a video camera in a Starbucks women's restroom wouldn't be the jail time you might get, or the fact that you need images of women peeing and defecating to satisfy your reptilian urges, but the nickname that will forever more be bestowed upon you:

The Starbucks Peeper. That's right. In the annals of crime, it just doesn't match up to the Jack the Ripper or even the Granny Bandit.

Hope those (alleged) two days worth of intimate toilet shots were worth it. Police this week ID'd the suspect as …

… 25-year-old San Dimas resident William Zafra Velasco.

This guy (allegedly).; Credit: Glendora PD

This guy (allegedly).; Credit: Glendora PD

Police allege that Velasco placed a hidden video inside the ladies' room at the Starbucks store at 1832 E. Route 66 in Glendora.

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A Starbucks employee discovered the device after only two days of recording and called the cops.

The restroom in question.; Credit: Glendora PD

The restroom in question.; Credit: Glendora PD

The camera was disguised to look like a coat hook, Glendora police say.

Credit: Glendora PD

Credit: Glendora PD

Velasco was arrested after a search warrant was served on his home earlier this month. Cops say they found “disturbing” video on his computer that corresponds to the bathroom footage.

(We would presume the alleged find would be less disturbing than gross).

Velasco has been charged with “secretly videotaping victims for sexual gratification,” according to the Glendora PD's statement.

Cops note that …

… these hidden recording devices have proliferated in recent years due to improved technology, cheaper costs, and can be hidden just about anywhere and disguised as anything, such as a clock or light fixture.

The suspect made bail, set at $50,000, and is scheduled to appear in court June 21.

Here's the thing: Authorities want 34 unidentified victims to come forward. (Eleven others have already been ID'd, they say). The recording happened April 14 and 15.

Glendora investigators want you to call them (626-914-8250) if you or anyone you know might have used that Starbucks restroom those days.

They're going to hold a press conference about the arrest and subsequent search for victims on Friday, and Glendora Police Chief Rob Castro and local state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly are scheduled to be there.

Update: Glendora police announced Thursday that Velasco also allegedly …

… stalked a 21-year-old local female college student for several days, and then broke into her apartment and stole some of her underwear. During a search warrant of Velasco's residence, Glendora detectives located women's underwear sealed in individual plastic baggies.

They claim this happened in the weeks before the camera was found. It's worth repeating that the guy allegedly kept his treasure individually wrapped — to lock in the freshness.

Super creepy (allegedly).

It's not clear if cops will recommend additional charges. The news conference is still on for tomorrow.

First posted at 8:08 a.m. on Wednesday, May 18.


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