Hey Staples Center, want some free press?

You got it! But only because you apparently put a zillion hours of talent-coaxing and editing into your music video for “Call Me Maybe,” the catchy-ass Carly Rae Jepsen song that recently turned into a YouTube meme. And lucky for you, it's a meme we're not quite sick of yet. (So. Catchy.)

“STAPLES Center was Sports-ageddon May 17th – May 20th, 2012, with 6 Playoff Games in 4 Days…”

… writes the center's marketing team. “But the amazing staff pulled off all the transitions and still made this video to Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe,' showing that their fun side was still intact.”

Aww, shucks.

And just when we were about to begin ranting on how the flash-mob concept has become a total peppy plaything of the PR machine… TNT reporter Craig Sager came in for the chorus, some usher dude popped 'n' locked it like a pro and the Kings cheerleaders whipped their blonde mops so hard Willow Smith got jealous.

There must be a tax-dollars-at-work story somewhere in here, but fuck it. Feel-good teamwork vid of the century.

The Staples Center assured LA Weekly's Dennis Romero before last weekend's “perfect storm” of playoff games that they'd have no problem handling the extra traffic and crowds and general chaos.

“It's fantastic,” said Staples spokesman Michael Roth. “The infrastructure downtown clearly supports this.”

As do, apparently, the men and women who make the stadium machine run.

They're pretty much like, we had soooo much extra time on our hands after pleasing thousands of customers that we also made this super adorable music video! Whatevs. And then they're like, oh yeah, we also stitched together this amazing time-lapse video of all six games, for maximum stoner viewing pleasure.


Only one last request: Can we please stop tacking “ageddon” onto the end of everything exciting that ever happens in Los Angeles?

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