Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. The kitchen, family room, bathrooms, closets, kid’s rooms and offices are a lot to tackle. But when you “spring clean” your heart, mind and soul it will spill out into the rest of your life and make the actual cleaning process more enjoyable.

It is no secret how difficult this past year was, but it forced me to look at my priorities and really focus on what is important in a “spring cleaning” kind of way. In this new season and New Year, I am taking the time to make sure the craziness of my schedule doesn’t overshadow what is important. Taking time to intentionally love and spend quality time with my husband and kids being at the top of the list allows for family to remain at the center of who I am and why I work so hard. Having designated quiet self-care time allows for my mind and body to physically find peace and take a break from the constant schedule of everyday life. Lastly, I am super conscious of what goes into my mind and body for the first hour of each day. I try not to go on my phone, make my bed, and drink warm lemon water to make sure that I start the day mentally setting up myself to take on what I want to accomplish. When you take the time to center and find what brings balance to your life it better equip you for your everyday schedule.

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When it comes to actually cleaning out my house for spring there are few tips I have learned that have helped a lot. If you are doing a deep dive clean out I would suggest writing out a list and schedule on what you want to clean and when you would like it to be completed by. Then I would try to focus on one room a day. By doing this you won’t become overwhelmed or exhausted by the time you’re finished. When looking at each room start by going through and categorizing items into donation, throw away, and keep piles. This creates a system to go quickly through items. Then going back and organizing the items you end up keeping goes much faster. If you are looking to just quickly clean up your home I have found that a “10 Minute Tidy” helps me be productive. I set a timer for 10 minutes and all I do is clean and put things away. It also can be turned into a fun game with the kids to get them involved. Cleaning and organizing a whole house can be a daunting task, but these tips have helped me maintain mine!

I am a firm believer that when you take the time to center yourself and take care of your mind that will overflow into the other areas of your life. Cleaning and organizing your home can bring a lot of peace to your mind and give you a great sense of accomplishment. However, having a “spring cleaning” mindset on how you start your day, your priorities, and your free time will help take away all of the extra craziness that comes with our world. It brings a beautiful simplicity and will only enhance your everyday life.

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