You know how Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind became extra trippy when you learned that most of the visual effects in the movie were achieved not by the use of digital imaging but by old school camera tricks? Well, the same pretty much goes for this video.

“Big City” is a recent release by The Marches, which is presented as a “band,” but really it's just L.A. resident Richard Conti singing and playing all the instruments. He also directs the videos, and this one took a whopping four months to produce. (Oh, he drew the cover art for their latest E.P. Director of Photography too, but that's neither here nor there.)

In this video, every word in the song is spelled out in billowing smoke or blowing leaves or shattered glass popping up from the floor; in some sort of surprising movable lyric-o-gram. But kicking it old school, Conti used no CGI or digital trickery to create the images. We personally like the buckets of ecto-cooler that keep filling and emptying against the backdrop of downtown L.A. Check it out.

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