On a recent Tuesday night, a man was turned away at the door of The Park Restaurant, the small Echo Park joint known for its bargain-themed dinners and weekend brunch. “We have a private event here tonight,” the friendly hostess explained. “Anyone is welcome though, you just have to reserve ahead of time.” At The Park, a private event is anything but exclusive.

Speakeasy Tuesday is the restaurant's way of finessing the fact that they don't yet have their liquor license. (A 'speakeasy' was a Prohibition-era establishment that sold booze; patrons were supposed to be low-key and 'speak easy.' Like that happened.) BYOB and enjoy a three-course meal for $15. For the price, you also get a Dinner Club membership, which means drinking privileges at private events and future invitations. The setting is charming and intimate, with glowing light bulbs hanging over modest wooden tables, casting shadows on plain walls scribbled with the outlines of trees. Last week, buttermilk fried chicken followed a tomato soup appetizer. For dessert: bread pudding topped with bourbon whipped cream.

Between the sultry jazz playing in the background and the lively sound of a dozen simultaneous dinner parties, a Tuesday night at the Park feels like a well-kept secret. Kind of like those bootleg operations. 1400 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, California 90026, 213-482-9209

This week's menu:

Speakeasy Tuesday ( A Supper Club Subsidiary)

$15 = 3 courses

**members only**BYOB**

**reservations required**

**password required**

Menu for June 16th, 2009

Starters: Lentil & vegetable soup


Moroccan carrot salad


Moroccan lamb & vegetable stew with roasted & stuffed tomato & harissa


Red bell pepper stuffed with bulghur, mushrooms & zucchini,

served with zucchini sauce, herb-cucumber salad & harissa


cinnamon rice pudding

Check out their blog, updated regularly with menus, events, etc.

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