Southwest Airlines apologized to Kevin Smith over the weekend after the director was booted from an Oakland-to-Burbank flight because of his large stature. But both sides are still arguing over the ejection, with Southwest stating that they were technically in the right because Smith did not fit safely in one seat, and Smith saying in fact he did fit.

“Our pilots are responsible for the safety and comfort of all customers on the aircraft and therefore, made the determination that Mr. Smith needed more than one seat to complete his flight,” stated Southwest. “Our employees explained why the decision was made, accommodated Mr. Smith on a later flight, and issued him a $100 Southwest travel voucher for his inconvenience.”

Smith made his case via Twitter. While Southwest noted that the Clerks director usually purchased two side-by-side seats for himself — in fact he had done so for that day's flight before deciding to try for an earlier trip via standby — Smith says he only buys two seats because he's anti-social, but because he's that fat.

It's a story he says he told a ticket agent before boarding. But when he boarded — he says with two women on each side of him saying they were fine with his presence — that agent showed up and asked him to leave the flight.

“Armrests come down, and voila!,” he tweeted. “I'm legit! I've passed the stinkin' arm-rest-test … I was right: I fit in that seat.”

While maintaining its legitimacy, the airline told the director in a statement, ” … To Mr. Smith; we would like to echo our Tweets and again offer our heartfelt apologies to you. We are sincerely sorry for your travel experience on Southwest Airlines.”

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