The best gig I ever saw was My Chemical Romance, November 22, 2010 at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. This wasn’t a show that was advertised and tickets were almost impossible to get.

It was a private release show for their “Danger Days” album and they had carnival games that were set up in the back. I’d never seen anything like this before at a concert. They had ring toss, skee ball, target games, you name it. There were prizes that were specific to the album artwork, there were props that were from the NaNaNa music video, it was just an unbelievable experience and the show hadn’t even started yet.

It’s such a shame that the House of Blues on Sunset isn’t there anymore. It was one of my favorite venues, mainly because of the small size. I’ve always been a fan of the smaller, more intimate settings, and this show was as intimate as it gets. They opened up with NaNaNa and I believe they ended up playing the entire album that night. I went with my mother and it was honestly the most fun I think we’ve ever had at any of the hundreds of shows we’ve attended.

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