“Power. Respect. JUICE. How far will you go to get it?”

Apparently, the much maligned rapper Soulja Boy Tell'em will try reprising Tupac's role from the 1992 cult classic Juice in a “mini movie” reset from Harlem to his current home base, Atlanta.

Yesterday, after releasing his new mixtape, also named Juice, he told Vibe that Dale Anthony Resteghini, the director of “Crank That,” Soulja Boy's first YouTube sensation, would be filming the remake.

Basically, it's your boy Soulja and I'm Bishop in 2011, running around in the streets, man. You know how the movie goes, but we're flipping it and shooting in Atlanta. I want to show these people my acting side and me being creative–always giving them something new; that's all. I got same video director that shot “Crank That,” “Kiss Me Through The Phone,” “Turn My Swag On” –my most successful videos. The whole mixtape is the soundtrack for the movie.

Maybe the whole thing's a stunt to get people talking (worked!), because let's be honest, this thing will go straight to DVD, if that. Then again, no matter what kind of talk we talk (or how riled up the West Coast gets), Soulja Boy might not have the “juice,” but he's got the money. And like Lil Kim said, “First you get the money, then you get the muthafuckin' power. After you get the fuckin' power, muthafuckas will respect you.”

Can't knock the hustle?

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