How would some of L.A.'s most interesting and influential people live their last day in L.A.? We find out in this series, which accompanies our Best of L.A. issue.

I'd start my day at Proof Bakery (3156 Glendale Blvd.) in Atwater Village for their quiche, which I am absolutely addicted to. It sounds so weird to make this statement that I am a quiche connoisseur, but I really am, and I swear, they have the best quiche in the city. But you have to go there early, around 8 or 9 a.m., because it sells out.


Then I would probably head back across the L.A. River and I might stop at Broome Street General Store (2912 Rowena Ave.) in Silver Lake to do a little shopping and have a cappuccino on the patio. After having a coffee, I'd head straight to the beach to get a couple hours of sun and read a book and enjoy the ocean and the sound of the waves.

There's all these small, romantic beaches that people go to that are way cooler than Santa Monica State Beach (1116 Fourth St., Santa Monica), but because I'm an L.A. girl, I grew up getting dropped off on Main Street in Santa Monica with my friends, and then we'd walk down to the beach from there. I now instinctively drive toward Lifeguard Station 26. I also have Rollerblades in the trunk of my Mini Cooper. It's absolutely ridiculous and I love them.

Then I'd probably head to Abbot Kinney and grab lunch at Axe (1009 Abbot Kinney) and then walk around and visit some of my favorite shops. Firefly (1409 Abbot Kinney) sells everything: clothing, giftware and books. I also really love this store called Tortoise (1208 Abbot Kinney), which specializes in Japanese goods and really nicely curated housewares, almost exclusively for the home.

At this point I'd head across the city for the big drive back to Silver Lake. I'd probably make a stop at my favorite bookstore, Skylight Books (1818 N. Vermont Ave.) in Los Feliz, and from there I'd probably head to the Raven Spa (2910 Rowena Ave.) for a Thai massage after sitting in traffic.

From there I'd walk to Edendale (2838 Rowena Ave.), which has one of my favorite patios in the back area. I'd meet my friends and my husband for a drink, maybe a little bit of food. We'd probably head to Bar Stella (3932 Sunset Blvd.) for another drink, and if we started to get hungry we'd go across the street to the Black Cat (3909 Sunset Blvd.).

Eventually, we'd come back up to Echo Park, where I live. I'm basically at the top of Elysian Park, so there's a vista with a park bench and an amazing view of downtown Los Angeles. It's gorgeous during the day, but I think at night and early morning, when the sun is rising or setting, are probably the most beautiful times.

—as told to Jennifer Swann

Sonja Rasula is the founder of Unique U.S.A., a pop-up market for locally made goods, featuring more than 350 hand-selected designers and artists. The interior designer and HGTV television personality also founded the Arts District co-working and creative space the Unique Space and launched CAMP, an annual creative business conference in a summer-camp setting in Big Bear.

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