Songwriter LJ Smooth is Captivating the Miami Music Scene

Miami is quickly becoming the hottest destination for upcoming musicians. With its vibrant music scene, endless entertainment opportunities and stunning beaches, Miami is the perfect place for aspiring artists to hone their craft and launch their music career. From the lively Latin music of Little Havana to the world-renowned clubs of South Beach, the city is teeming with talented artists, eager to make their mark in the music industry. The diverse range of genres available in Miami has created a melting pot of sound, producing some of the most innovative and creative music in the world. From hip-hop to EDM, Miami is becoming the place to be for budding musicians who are looking for the perfect place to make their break.

As one of the epicenters for Hot Urban Latin vibes and Caribbean feels, songwriter and artist LJ Smooth, has found a place to thrive. Native to the Virgin Islands, Smooth has brought his own roots and flavor to the Miami music culture. The feeling and vibe of Carnival plays a big role in the type of music that this artist writes and sings– which is further influenced by a combination of Pop, R&B, Dancehall, and Afrobeat.

LJ Smooth draws inspiration from popular musicians such as Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Prince, Trey Songz, Neo and Alicia Keys as well as Vybez Cartel, Beenie Man, WizKid and Burna Boy. LJ Smooth writes and performs songs that have an upbeat, dancy feel, full of positive energy and positive vibes. When you listen to his work, you can’t help but dance along.

Dance is a powerful form of expression that has been around since the dawn of time. It has the ability to bring people together and make them happy, no matter what their background or experience. It encourages physical activity, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and it can bring joy to those who experience it, regardless of skill level or age. With all that to say, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that LJ Smooth’s music makes people happy!

While growing up in a musical family in the Virgin Islands, LJ started in piano classes and also played drums in church. His father would play Bob Marley and Peter Tosh records at home, which instilled a love for the art at an early age. As a child LJ toured the region in a Steel Pan Band, and developed his skills within different music groups that performed in local events throughout the country. He moved to the United States to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in technology and business. However,  once he arrived in Miami, one of the most vibrant places for latin pop music, hot urban vibes, and caribbean feels Smooth knew he was in the right place.

His whole life was the journey to get where he is now, creating and singing music that makes him, and those around him want to dance. His heart for the art he creates is evident in every beat and lyric, as he pours all of his energy and passion into the projects.

“I see myself touring the world, playing on different stages for thousands of people,” Smooth says when asked where he hopes his journey will take him. “Anything worth having takes work, and this has been incredibly worth it.”

Currently, LJ Smooth is currently working with a record label in the United Kingdom and he will be releasing his first album with them in March of 2023. “This is a new venture and I’m excited for this new music to reach many ears across the world.” For more information about LJ Smooth and his music, you can find him on youtube, as well his several social media accounts.

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