[Ed's Note: Disclaimer–As far as we know, the ravishing Dr. Sona Patel is not actually releasing an album (though maybe she should!). Look carefully at the date of this item.]

Is there anything Sona Patel can't do?

The legendary LA medical marijuana pinup physician is about to release a new album through the boutique Silver Lake label Drama of the Gifted Childd (rumored to be secretly owned by a couple of minor Strokes, the rhythm section of Ozomatli, and nightlife impresario Mitchell Frank).

Entitled Actual Doctor, the album will feature star-studded collaborations with a galaxy of local and international performers, who have contributed their labor as a charity effort benefiting “High As a Kite … On Life,” an outreach program for at-risk teens trapped in sterile suburban schools.

Though some of the collaborations are kind of obvious (hello? did we really need to hear an impassioned duet between Sona Patel and Cypress Hill's Sen Dog?), others are a whole lotta genius. Her Rick Rubin-produced cover of Fats Waller's “Viper Song”, for example, will make you forget all 28 volumes of Johnny Cash's American Recordings.

Dr. Patel also knows the 411 (or shall we say the 420…) on hip-hop, as she clearly shows in standout single “Trusted and Experienced (For 5 Years and Counting),” featuring a witty cameo by Afroman.

You should get this album. As the kids say these days, “it's the dope!”

LA Weekly