Back in August, L.A. became one of several cities to discover that a grotesque statue of naked Donald Trump had been deposited on a street corner, a pinky-sized micropenis emerging from its nest of golden pubic hair.

If it was tough to get through that sentence without acid rising into your throat, imagine owning the thing. 

On Saturday, the life-size monument to a hideous election season was auctioned off at Julien's Auctions in West Hollywood, and ended up selling to the highest bidder for $22,000. Other notable works sold included Banksy’s V.I.P. Rat ($87,500), Keith Haring's Radiant Baby With AIDS Alligator ($35,200) and Andy Warhol's Jane Fonda F/S #II.268 ($25,600).

Titled The Emperor Has No Balls, the statue was the work of Indecline, a self-proclaimed street art collective with a dubious history that includes grabby projects like a “Rape Trump” mural at the U.S./Mexico border and appropriated causes like #BlackLivesMatter stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The collective's founder, Ryen McPherson, was once associated with the Bumfights franchise of web videos. The Emperor Has No Balls was on display for at least a day outside Wacko in Los Feliz, and it was said at the time the statues — they also popped up in New York, San Francisco, Cleveland and Seattle — would eventually be auctioned off.

According to Caroline Galloway, a representative for Julien's, the auction house isn't permitted to reveal who bought the statue, but she did say that 80 percent of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to National Immigration Forum, a nonprofit that advocates for immigrants. 

And you thought nothing good could come of this election.

UPDATE: It appears there is one more iteration of the statue currently up for auction at Grey's Auctioneers in Cleveland. The starting bid is $1,000 — happy bidding.

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