What happens in L.A. if the state legalizes pot? The Los Angeles City Council was expected this week to vote on a measure that would put a local tax on marijuana sales before voters in March.

In other words, if Prop. 19 passes, it's all good in L.A., the medical marijuana capital of the nation: City Council members Janice Hahn and Bill Rosendahl have proposed (PDF) that the City Attorney draft a 10 percent sales tax on pot retailers in L.A., a tax city voters could approve or deny next year.

According to a statement from the Yes on 19 folks, “In a sign that many observers expect Prop 19 to pass, the Los Angeles City Council is set to vote this Tuesday on placing an initiative on the March 2011 ballot that would begin taxing adult marijuana sales.”

What that means for medical marijuana dispensaries in town is anyone's guess: Would the city, after years of trying to come up with regulations for pot shops, tear up its work and start again on non-medical cannabis shops?

Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves: As it stands, Prop. 19 has about as much chance of passing as Kobe on a fast break.

Still, it's good to know this City Council is at the ready with Bob Marley jammin' in the background.

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