Yeah, you heard right: Illegal immigrants who went to K-12 school in California are still eligible to be treated as “residents” — and thus will pay in-state tuition fees at state colleges instead of the exorbitant prices charged out-of-staters and foreigners.

But aren't they foreigners — illegal ones at that? Good question. The California Supreme Court on Monday said yeah, but that's not the point.

The point is they quality if they attended school here and applied for citizenship. The court cited state law on that one. But what about federal law?

The court stated federal law can suck it: California's own rules take precedence.

“We conclude the exemption [to out-of-state fees] is not based on residence in California,” the court wrote. “Rather, it is based on other criteria.”

Undocumenteds who qualify can get the lower rates at 112 community colleges, 33 universities and two stand-alone grad schools.

Of course, even in-state prices are beginning to look like private-school rates of decades' past. We reported recently that Cal State fees are going up 10 percent.

Future illegals: You might want to consider having your parents take you to a state with cheaper tuition.


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