Bad Magic (UDR)

Soldiers of Destruction March for Motörhead: Mörat, frontman with punk band Soldiers of Destruction and erstwhile scribe, told us about his love for Motörhead’s final album and his friendship with Lemmy.

Mörat: It’s pretty much impossible to pick a favourite album by any one band, but I’m gonna have to go with Bad Magic by Motörhead. I’m not even sure that this is my favourite album of theirs, but it’s just such a brilliant swansong.

Soldiers of Destruction March for Motörhead


It was kind of hard to listen to, at first, especially Till The End, because Lemmy knew he was dying when they recorded it, but it should be heard for what it is, a celebration of a life lived entirely without compromise or remorse.

I was lucky enough to call him a dear friend for many years and I miss him dreadfully, but what a way to go! All guns blazing! Our new album has a song called Kilmister in his honour and I can only hope to do him justice.

Soldiers of Destruction March for Motörhead: The Cause and Effect album is out May 1 via American’t Records. 

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