For all of you who commented over the last two days, hoping to get a LudoBites 8 reservation for Valentine's Day, we applaud you. The backstory: After we named LudoBites the best place to get a romantic dinner the other day, Krissy Lefebvre told us that she did indeed have two spots open for Valentine's Day, arguably the best night to go out for such a dinner with your beloved. Thus we held a contest, asking readers to make their case in the comments section. And now, as promised, Krissy Lefebvre has picked two commenters, one for each seating open. The winners? Despite many, many heart-felt — and funny: pork butts, the upcoming foie ban and twins being recurrent themes here — pleas by writers, there are only two spots, and those go to… drumroll, please.

The winners are Veeyes86 (“& I'd like to invite her to move in with me :0)”) for the 6:00 seating and tiff chen (“With the help of the 3 f's (family, friends, foie gras), anyone can find love and happiness!!”) for the 8:15 seating. Also, Krissy's adding an honorable mention for ksuerte13 at 8:15, “because anyone who dated the world's biggest scumbucket for 4 years deserves to go.” Oh, and ksuerte13 gets a reservation for two, so any single guys who are reading this might try logging in with a comment.

A reminder that this contest has been to determine who gets the insanely-difficult-to-come-by reservations and does not include the price of dinner itself. Although Krissy says she'll buy dessert. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody, and thanks for playing.

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