May the next New Yorker who says we don't get real weather in Southern California get struck by a tree branch the size of Albert Pujols' forearm.

Sorry to get violent about it. But really, after Windopolypse earlier this month we're just getting started. It's not even officially winter yet, but look outside. That's weather. Coming from the greatest ocean on earth, the Pacific, which we happen to hang out next to a lot of the time.

The National Weather Service says starting today we should expect:

-As much as a foot of snow in our local mountains, the San Gabriels, starting at the 5,000 foot level, at the eastern end of the range.

-Snow along Interstate 5's grapevine leading to — we're going to take a wild guess here — its inevitable closure.

-White stuff on Interstate 15's Cajon Pass today or tonight, meaning that could close too and we could almost be snowed in unless we're heading to San Diego or paddling a surfboard.

-“Locally heavy rain” and 20-miles-per-hour winds in L.A.

The Los Angeles Fire Department has got your storm preparedness tips here.

City News Service notes that this is the first of a “series of storms,” so, yeah, lots of weather for the land of sand and sun.

Happy Monday.

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