West Coast Sound has gone to great lengths to keep you abreast of the now officially full-blown creative bromance between L.A. rap legend Snoop Dogg and rising Culver City soulster Mayer Hawthorne.

We were first on the scene when the fellas' respective Twitter feeds hinted at a potential Snoop + Mayer + Diplo + Soulja Boy collaboration. We let you know when those four ended up in a music video together.

And we were legitimately concerned when Snoop's seemingly BNF (best nephew forever) was left out of the Doggfather's latest mixtape.

As it turns out, Snoop had better plans for Mayer. The iTunes release of Snoop's More Malice features an excellent remix of “Gangsta Luv” by Hawthorne, who croons out his own take on the chorus and laces the track with some genuine Motown groove.

The track's been leaked to YouTube, and it's a good sound for the Dogg, who gets his sensitive man on while delivering lines like: “Baby likes the way I wake her up (Why?) / 'Cause I'm a gangsta, I grab her by her butt.”

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