You can stumble into Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop looking like a bum, and stroll out clean and handsome, ready for your close-up in RKO’s next picture. Originally opened in 1927, remodeled in the early ’50s and under its present ownership since 2007, this is an authentic barbershop straight out of the past; you half-expect Rod Serling to be standing in the corner, narrating your entrance into the place. Todd “Sween” Lahman respects the art of the classic haircut, and he and his co-workers are the best in the business. Their garb is emblematic of their dedication to the profession: white, name-embroidered smocks with black slacks and black dress shoes. Always. Near the functioning rotary phone is a rack of 1950s men’s magazines for sale. The music you hear is vintage, too: Stan Kenton, Xavier Cugat, Nelson Riddle. No doubt about it: This is a guy place. And while Sween has had his hands on the heads of Lawrence Tierney and Gore Vidal, everyone’s welcome here. Though the two customers you keep thinking you’ll see are Barney Fife and Andy Taylor. They’d be right at home. 4639 Hollywood Blvd., Los Feliz. (323) 667-9690, —Todd David Schwartz

LA Weekly