FROM FRIDAY: Seriously. Take John Payne's advice below. Go to this. First of all, Animal Collective is sold out, and all your friends who will be there will be bragging in tomorrow about the AMAZING SHOW they saw at the Troubadour. You, however, will have a trump card.

Background: Mike Watt, Raymond Pettibon and Lee Ranaldo were part of a late-80s SST Records posse that released some of the most inspired and forward thinking musical/art ever to come out of LA. Ranaldo, of Sonic Youth, played with Watt on the amazing and underrated Ciccone Youth project, which released The Whitey Album in 1989. It was basically SY with Watt on bass. And then there's the amazing Ray Pettibon, whose artwork is featured on Goo, and whose early Black Flag images (he's Greg Ginn's bro) are some of the most iconic of the era.

So when your jerky Animal Collective friends talk about the incredible show they saw, you'll be able to say, yeah, well, I saw something equally amazing.

NOTE, HOWEVER: Rumors of some sort of Sonic Youth/Ciccone Youth thing going down tonight are basically unfounded; it turns out that Thurston Moore has a solo performance in Montegue, Mass., tonight, so unless he's boarding a late-night plane, it ain't gonna happen.

NOTE ALSO HOWEVER: The whole thing happens again on Sunday at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, where the line-up will converge for a SMMoA fundraiser. Whether Thurston et al will show up for this is unknown.

NOTE ALSO HOWEVER ALSO IF you're reading this on Saturday: Go the the Robert Berman Gallery tonight at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica to see the opening of Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Jon Cournoyer-curated show featuring the artwork of Daniel Johnston, Raymond Pettibon, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Thurston Moore, Gibby Haynes and Ron English.

Payne's music pick:

This is a huge arty blowout sort of thing in celebration of the opening of the group exhibition “Rock, Paper, Scissors” at Robert Berman Gallery (on view February 28-March 21), which highlights several artists who mash the mediums of music and visual art in their work — and that would have to include Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston, Ron English, Gibby Haynes of the Butthole Surfers, as well as Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. So just take a gander at the headline here and assume all sorts of creatively advanced rocking spew, in separate groups and in bizarre new collaborative hybrids-with-super-special-unnameable-guests gracing the stage. Mike Watt & the Secondmen will chockablock-rock obliquely; the Nichemakers ouvre stars the aforementioned Mr. Pettibon; the Electric Illuminati features songs written by Ron English; and then you've got this whole other amazing opening bit by the razor-witted Old War Shirt, plus M.S. Garvey's Buspoems, the very, very Famous Bob Rokos and without a doubt much, much more … (John Payne)

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