Slayloverboy Has a Lil Fun: SoCal alt-rap artist Slayloverboy told us about his Lils Peep and Tracy experience.

Slayloverboy: When I was 15 I started making clothes and taking it a little bit more seriously than the music I was making at the time and in 2016 Lil Peep and Lil Tracy, came to the Santa Ana Observatory for a back to back two night show. My friends and I got tickets to both days and decided to get a hotel because at that time we were living about an hour and a half away. When we showed up for the first night’s show we had our friends sister with us, who knew one of the people that was working the door so we were able to get in an hour early.

Once the show started it was truly something I haven’t experienced because before this I had only been to three shows (2 of them being tribute/cover bands).

Tracy performed almost all of my favorite songs and brought out Mackned and Lil Raven with him as well as Peep to do a couple songs. By the end of their performance Raven had jumped into the crowd losing his beanie, and with everything finally settled down, my friend being the one who found his beanie, handed it back to him, which sparked a conversation between us. I mentioned to him that I make clothes as well as a little bit of music and that I was interested in giving him and Tracy a shirt for the next day while showing him the pictures. He liked what he saw so he told me to bring them by the next day. I remember instantly going back to the hotel and making them 2 brand new shirts because the way I was making them back then was hand painting each one individually. I even had to go to Michael’s to grab the fabric paint and brushes because I didn’t expect to be able to give them anything.

The next day when I got to the next show I went towards the back stage as I was watching people walk out, Mackned came out for just a second and I told him that I had shirts for Tracy and Raven he told me to come follow him and he brought me backstage and walked me all the way into the green room to give them their t shirts and through little conversations they offered me to stay and watch the rest of the show from the side of the backstage area. It was truly a crazy experience because how young I was and how much those guys were already inspiring me it was really cool they they actually took me serious in the things that I told him I do and wanted to do that’s some thing that many young people get and i’ll always remember that.

Slayloverboy Has a Lil Fun: Slayloverboy’s No Bad Slays album is out now.



























































































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