Valley Latini Hears Rumors: Colombian-American pop artist Valley Latini told us about her Fleetwood Mac experience.

Valley Latini: The best gig I ever saw was Fleetwood Mac’s 40 year reunion concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

It was a chilly October evening. My girlfriend and I were dressed to impress wearing booty shorts and vintage Fleetwood Mac t-shirts. We were high energy and excited.

All of the sudden this gentleman comes up to us in the hallway area and tells us that he is Fleetwood Mac’s tour manager and that he wanted to give us front row tickets. My girl and I laughed at his face…. since we already had 6th row tickets, we continued on as a dynamic duo. We went back to our seats and waited for the concert.

The tour manager came to our 6th row seats and told us that he could do better, and that we needed to be right in front of Lindsey Buckingham… and of course we said yes. Being in front of Lindsey, girls started touching his shoes and I got to strum his guitar!!

I will never forget that night. I was one with the music. Later on I ran into that tour manager and in tears I thanked him for such a beautiful experience.

Valley Latini Hears Rumors: Valley Latini’s new album Attention Lover is out now.





















































































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