Just in case you're both crass and erudite and find yourself bored with the usual annual marathon showings of every single film in the Friday the 13th franchise, “Scary, Scary: Readings From Slake L.A.” is the cultural lodestone for you! Not to be confused with Slake, Louisiana, Slake L.A. contributors Christopher Byars, Joe Donnelly, Ben Ehrenreich, James Greer (pictured), Paul Gachot, Joseph Mattson, Harry Shannon and Diana Turken honor this unluckiest of all possible days by thumbing through the fourth issue of Slake (themed “Dirt,” for all you automysophobes out there) and reading whatever strikes their proverbial fancy. Edited by Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa, Slake is an ironically lucky thing to happen to the Los Angeles literary scene, giving sincere and hopeful power to that pragmatic old chestnut, you make your own luck. The Last Bookstore, 453 S. Spring St., dwntwn.; Fri., July 13, 7 p.m.; free. (213) 488-0599, lastbookstorela.com.

Fri., July 13, 7 p.m., 2012

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