If there are any lone sharks still waiting to be jumped after the launch of the Pico de Gap and Jack In The Box food trucks, they're craning their necks to get a glimpse of the new Sizzler food truck. Offering a totally different menu than anything found in the fast casual chain's brick-and-mortar eateries, the Sizzler food truck is set to officially launch in October or early November, though the idea has been in the works for at least a year. Known as the ZZ Truck (@zztruck) until it's christened by the public, the bright red behemoth already had a few successful test runs in September.

We love Sizzler's cheese toast as much as the next eight-year-old, but this seems like a strange way to “re-introduce” the brand to a new generation.

The menu, created by chef Chris Rahder, is only available on the truck — which means it may actually taste good. On the other hand, if you like the tri-tip or pulled pork sliders, the “umami fries” or the Meat-a-tarian Sandwich (a hot massive mess of tri-tip, pulled pork, jalapeno bacon and jack cheese on the aforementioned cheese toast), you won't be able to order any of them in a restaurant. Instead, you'll be staring past the sneeze guard at canned beets and wilted iceberg lettuce while your well-meaning parent prods you to eat something “healthy.” (We try not to dump our childhood baggage onto everyone else, but it's hard.)

Maybe the truck is a clever testing ground for new items that might make onto the restaurant menu. From the press release:

“ZZ Truck is Sizzler's response to the local demands of quality unique gourmet cuisine available fast an [sic] simple… The one thing that this truck shares in common with Sizzler Restaurants is its fast and hospitable service.”

Equipped with iPad ordering the Sizzler truck will be named by the public via a Facebook contest that runs from October 10th – 31st.

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