Sixth Time Lucky for the Spits: Michigan punks the Spits are playing Alex’s Bar in Long Beach as part of their west coast tour in support of new album VI. VR Sex and Assquatch will also perform.

A press release reads: “In an era that relies so heavily on quick-hit bands, there are very few things that are truly part of the subculture and not just the passing zeitgeist du jour. Closing in on three decades, The Spits have signified the crossroads between punk mayhem and well-honed songwriting, creating some of the most unhinged and anthemic tracks in underground music — and also some of the wildest live experiences you’ll ever be a part of.”

Meanwhile, of new album VI it says: “For fans of the band, to-the-point melodicism and good old-fashioned rock ‘n roll, VI isn’t just the name of The Spits’ LP, it’s also the number of instant-classic records in a row. Recorded by Erik Nervous on cassette four track, the band’s new LP VI is ten hummable tracks, shrouded in chainsaw punk and wild showmanship.”

Sounds like it’ll be a blast live.

Sixth Time Lucky for the Spits: The event takes place at 8 p.m. on Saturday, January 29 at Alex’s Bar.

The Spits press bio:

“Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, brothers Sean and Erin Wood formed The Spits with Lance Phelps in 1993 after realizing rock had gone limp, hated partying and just plain wasn’t fun anymore. And even though they didn’t even know how to play, the self-professed delinquents who grew up with New Orleans–style jazz and bluegrass “got cultured” and formed a band dead set on reminding the world how to have a good time. The Spits didn’t fit in with the punks or the garage heads when they landed in Seattle two years later, but carved out their own path with a series of empty open mic nights and parties under a bridge in the University District. Things started snowballing a year or two later with a good word from Mudhoney’s Steve Turner and a reputation for livewire gigs.”

LA Weekly