On Christmas Eve, 2008, 45-year-old Bruce Pardo went to the Covina home of his ex-wife's family and opened fire on about 25 people inside, including the 8-year-old survivor who answered the door. Nine people died, and Pardo ended up setting fire to the home before eventually taking his own life.

That house of horrors is no longer, but surviving heirs have put the 12,110-square-foot lot up for sale for $288,000. Spooky? Scary? Haunted?

It's just in time for Halloween season, and some neighbors say that's not soon enough.

“It's hard seeing that every day,” a neighbor told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune (via Curbed LA). “It would be nice to have a house there so people don't have to remember the tragedy.”

Pardo is said to have showed up at the home dressed like Santa and carrying a semiautomatic handgun in one hand and a flame thrower in the other.

He had earlier that month been divorced from his wife, who is believed to have died in the massacre, along with her parents. The youngest victim was the wife's nephew, 17-year-old Michael Ortiz.

Now, who would want to buy such a macabre property? Real estate agent JoAnne Verduzco says it's a desirable area — Covina Hills — but that it's been on the market for a few months now because people don't have the cash or can't get a loan (plus they'd have to add the cost of building a house to the bill).

With places like this, it's always too soon.

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