If you spotted the “Sit on your face” billboard over Sunset Boulevard in Los Feliz, you were probably, like, “Right on!”

The billboard, which actually says “Happy to sit on your face,” is an advertisement for Carlsbad-based Spy Optic sunglasses – so the message is totally clean. (You're the one with the dirty mind here.)

Still, it's not exactly family fare. There have been objections:
A spokeswoman for Spy told us the company has already received “several complaints” about the billboard on Sunset near Fountain Avenue. It has been up for eight days.

It's not the first time the firm has been in trouble with its face-sitting marketing. In 2012 it removed a similar billboard in Encinitas, not far from the company's headquarters, after receiving a flurry of objections.

We're getting the feeling that Spy might be facing a similar fate in L.A., and maybe that's a part of the marketing plan.

Credit: Courtesy Spy Optic

Credit: Courtesy Spy Optic

In any case, the spokeswoman explained the inspiration for the ad:

It is a promotion for our Happy Lens technology in our sunglasses and snow goggles, both of which are “Happy to Sit on Your Face.”

Maybe the billboard will stick around after all. Los Feliz is so much more liberal than San Diego's North County, a bastion of Republican politics.

Credit: Courtesy Spy Optic

Credit: Courtesy Spy Optic

Even there, the spokeswoman notes, the company still gets emails from folks who miss the billboard.

There were also a lot of people who were upset that it was taken down, and to this day we still receive emails about it. 

Aww. How sweet.

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