Single Review: With ‘Oh Nah Nah,’ M. Maggie shows why she’s the sex-positive, unabashedly brilliant pop singer we’ve been craving.

Screenshot 2023 09 18 at 8.05.27 PM‘Oh Nah Nah’ is the latest single from an NYC artist who has racked up 100s of millions of streams and positioned herself as a modern-day pop princess with songs celebrating love and confident expressions of sexuality.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in New Orleans, platinum superstar M. Maggie shows on her new single ‘Oh Nah Nah’ why she’s become one of the biggest rising pop stars in recent years.

The artist gained international attention when her debut song ‘TRNDSTTR’ amassed over half a million streams following its release. A gifted artist, performer, and show woman, M. Maggie naturally rose to the occasion that the attention brought her – quickly releasing two EPs, securing musical collaborations, and making her acclaimed first album, Love, Sex, M.

Her music is a mix of powerful pop dance anthems and sexy, soulful R&B; her musical style and magnetic pop star charisma have already marked her out for success.

But M. Maggie isn’t one to take stardom for granted. Even as she began to accumulate success, she moved to North Hollywood to immerse herself in the artist lifestyle – writing music, working out, creating, performing, entertaining, and training under the multi-platinum vocal director E-Jay Randolph.

The result is that songs like M. Maggie’s newest single, ‘Oh Nah Nah,’ sound like crisp, effortless pop bangers. The song – which harkens back to the sound of urban pop/contemporary R&B as delivered by Aaliyah – deals with the idea of not conforming or being defined by reductive relationship stereotypes. “I think we want different things/Quit tryna change me,” she sings confidently before delivering expert earworm harmonies.

Don’t change a thing, M. Maggie. This music is golden.

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