Single Review: Truth Francisco fans rediscover love for ‘So Alone’ ahead of Suicide Prevention Month

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The 2020 track, which deals openly and honestly with suicidal thoughts, has resurfaced massively during Suicide Prevention Month.

Houston hip-hop artist Truth Francisco has been re-upping one of his most poignant singles, ‘So Alone,’ in honor of Suicide Prevention Month. The song, dedicated to those with mental illness, tells Truth’s personal story of battling depression in the hope that he can inspire others and help them not feel alone.

Truth has won acclaim for his music, which delves honestly into the personal tragedies he’s experienced. The rapper has experienced familial loss – including the devastating murder of his cousin – and recently witnessed the destruction of his childhood home in a house fire.

Rather than let these tragedies consume him, Truth has turned them into poignant, poetic rap songs, which are beautifully constructed and pack an emotional punch.

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In ‘So Alone,’ Truth Francisco recounts an incident that occurred while he was in college. He witnessed a car accident on the freeway, where a stranded man was hit by another driver who failed to see him. While others rushed to help the driver, Truth Francisco noticed no one attended to the injured man. Despite the man being unconscious, Truth Francisco held his hand and spoke to him as they waited for the ambulance to arrive. Unfortunately, the man passed away before help could reach him.

The traumatic event caused Truth Francisco to suffer from nightmares and paranoia. However, as a young black man, he felt societal pressure to suppress – until he could write about his suffering. ‘So Alone’ aims to give a voice to feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and pain. In doing so, Truth Francisco hopes others can feel empowered to speak up.

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