Single Review: The Dialogue releases majestic new single ‘Begin Again,’ the title track from their debut album.

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The Florida-based duo pulls out all the stops on this sweeping, stunning, genre-defying new track.  

Southwest Florida duo The Dialogue has shared a new single, ‘Begin Again,’ the title track from their debut album.

A collaborative effort between the group’s two gifted multi-instrumentalists – Angela Galestro and Paul Cuevas – ‘Begin Again’ offers a window into what happens when you combine meticulous, innovative instrumental arrangements with a poet’s gift for songwriting and lyricism.

Lyrically, ‘Begin Again’ offers the conceit of how nature’s life cycle often mirrors the human experience when it comes to change. “Flowers fold when the sun goes down/Protect their parts, take off their crowns/By morning light they bloom again/Like new they begin again,” sings Angela in the song’s first verse, with an uncanny ear towards the metaphorical similarities between mankind and flora.

Musically, the song takes its lead from a lone piano melody at the start before traversing stadium-sized electronic rock (including an inspired, Eagles-esque guitar solo, courtesy of the band’s guitarist Jonathan Smith.) Richly textured and expansive, all of this is anchored by the complex harmonies of Angela and Paul, each of whom can dazzle and complement the other with their unique vocal attributes.

Recorded in the intimacy of Angela’s home studio, the band has described ‘Begin Again’ as the “heart and soul” of their upcoming debut album. As an indicator of what’s coming from The Dialogue, it makes for fascinating listening.

Both musicians have academic backgrounds in music – Angela earned a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Shenandoah Conservatory while Paul pursued a bachelor’s degree in composition – but the songs they’ve shared are greater than the sum of their collective parts. There’s a boundless creativity on tracks like ‘Begin Again’ that could only have been manifested by their dynamic musical relationship.

Inevitably, it leads to the music of this calibre. The Dialogue is the real deal.

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