Our favorite nuclear family is suddenly losing viewers in some parts of North America and Europe. And it hasn't done anything different.

No, the L.A.-born Simpsons is a victim of thinned skinned censors who fear some folks can't stand to consider consequences of nuclear power in the post-Fukushima age.

After censors in Germany said they would pull an nuclear-themed episodes last week, Canadian broadcaster OMNI Television announced this week it would do the same. Strange …

The show's decades-long fascination with nuclear power seemed dated, almost Quixotic, before Fukushima's nuclear reactors started to blow off radioactive steam in the wake of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

Out of sight.; Credit: Fox

Out of sight.; Credit: Fox

Now it seems prophetic.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Fox has made it easy, giving OMNI a list of episodes that take place at Mr. Burns' nuclear plant (where Homer works). Hmm.

OMNI spokeswoman Koreen Ott tells the paper:

“We've pulled any episodes that deal with a nuclear theme.”

God forbid we think about nuclear power during a time of crisis over … nuclear power.

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