Yet another analysis of Los Angeles drivers has concluded that, yes, we have issues.

This one is perhaps the most scientific we've seen. The folks at Automatic, a company that can help motorists diagnose their vehicles and track their trips, looked at anonymous customer data from coast to coast to determine which American cities have “the most aggressive drivers in America.”

Los Angeles was near the top for aggression on highways. But perhaps surprisingly, L.A. came in third place behind No. 1 Phoenix and No. 2 San Diego. However, some stereotypes were confirmed. “We can say things like BMW drivers in L.A. are way more aggressive than Kia drivers in St. Louis … ,” the company stated. 

No doubt.

“Are you mad that you’re not No. 1 in the aggression category?” said Automatic marketing manager Ryan Crowe. The answer is yes, with a middle finger for emphasis.

Other reports have found that we have the worst road rage and some of the lousiest drivers in the United States. (We say that with pride.) The Automatic analysis looked at incidences of acceleration, moderate braking and hard braking to come up with its ranking. “We don't consider speed, just how drivers change their speed,” the company stated.

If you want to sing “Kumbaya” while you drive with a mellow vibe, Honolulu, Boston and Seattle have the least aggressive highway motorists in America, respectively, Automatic found.

Since the two largest cities in SoCal made the top three for aggressive drivers, there must be something about the sun, the sea or the smog that makes us drive like raging idiots. Try to stay mellow, people.

Credit: Automatic

Credit: Automatic

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