Silverlake Jubilee

The sweet aroma of food truck fare and reverb soaked guitar solos were
rampant this past Memorial Day weekend in celebration of the third
annual Jubilee Music and Arts Festival. Six stages were set up on
Santa Monica Blvd to showcase artists such as Kinky, Aloe Blacc,
Autolux, Family of the Year, La Sera, Abe Vigoda, Maya Jupiter, La
Santa Cecilia, The Soft Pack, Lake Princeton, and many more. The
festival also featured comedians, literature aficionados and authors
who featured their work to curious crowds. L.A's food truck cravings
were also quenched as India Jones Chow Truck, Mario's Tacos and many
more set up their toothsome meals around the reveling mob. If dishing
out $20 for the festivities was too expensive and Aloe Blacc's hit
song “Need A Dollar” becomes more relevant to your life, then the free
block party was also a possibility. There were options for everyone at
this event so make sure to not miss next years action. For additional
information visit or call 323.362.6665. By Topacio Althaus – Photos by Sunshine Anderson, Talib Burrell, and Topacio Althaus.

LA Weekly