We do our best to be supportive of L.A. artists. We really do. As we've said more than once, we like to like things.

But then LAist does a completely po-faced writeup of the trailer for a new “indie” movie called Sunset Junction: A Personal Musical and we just can't help our snarky selves.

Where to begin? Ok, let's start with the positive: there's lots of indie music (Helen Stellar, Amigos Invisibles, Fool's Gold, Lemon Sun, etc., plus, according to LAist, Maleco Collective and Jail Weddings). If you're into indie music, then you can close your eyes and listen to the music you like play under the cliches dialogue.

Or maybe don't close your eyes, if besides indie music you like car-wreck-level amateur “films.” How bad? Watch this trailer: it makes the most gentrified parts of Silver Lake look like Melrose Place shot by a bunch of amateurs. That, and a general Flashdance/Showgirls vibe, without the metallurgy or the tits:

The usually sensible Zach Behrens at LAist says “interesting concepts all around, so we're curious how this movie will turn out.” Zach: please tell us you're fucking with them, or they're buying you drinks for like a year. We're worried about you.

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