Curbed L.A. is sounding an alarm today, echoing a warning from the SunsetJunctionDestruction blog, about a development scheme that will flatten the current structure at 4000 Sunset Boulevard and replace it with a four-story, mixed-use design that would create retail space along with room for a restaurant and a planned “security rental building” containing 94 units. Cautioned SunsetJunctionDestruction:

“Every structure on this land, including one residence and the landmark

Sunset Junction “Red Car” streetcar station would be torn down to

accommodate this project which includes a 150 parking space

subterranean parking facility for their tenants and patrons of the

retail establishments therein.”

Photo: Curbed L.A. via SunsetJunctionDestruction

Curbed L.A. writer Dakota was particularly disturbed over the fact

that the developer did not permit its artist renderings for the project

to be photographed at a recent neighborhood council meeting: “Silver

Lake residents! Be wary! Developer Frost Chaddock is well known for not

building what they promised.”

LA Weekly